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The Snelgraphix Designing Minds Blog: Monolithic Reconstruction

Samson in Dagon Temple •  Wikimedia Commons

Samson in Dagon Temple • Wikimedia Commons

Sound structural support can withstand just about anything, an unsound structure, on the other hand...*

I was recently watching a Caltech video about the history of orbital mechanics; the professor made a pun. The exact episode escapes me now. The series is titled The Mechanical Universe,* and I cannot recommend it enough.* The professor pointed out that the names of the different types of orbits share etymology with ellipsis, parables, and hyperbole.* The moral was that what we leave out can be more important than what we leave in.*

Necessity drives ingenuity. Obstacles spark imaginative combustion.*

Visual communication design is foundational to any successful enterprise. We love stories, and we love visual delight. World civilizations are built based on this idea. Compelling storytelling has always propelled humanity to new heights. We would have been unable to create the globally connected existence we experience now, without stories. We especially enjoy having our neural networks ignited with passion derived from narratives.* This basic fact lies at the foundation of all communication strategies and all human endeavors.

Were it not for the Cold War* and the Space Race* historical narratives, there would have been no social media revolution, for example.*

Information means business.*

How we present ideas matters a lot; this can make the difference between success and failure. The language we choose must be appropriate for the audience we wish to reach. Word choice can make or break the deal. Image choice is equally important.

Companies like Bloomberg L.P.* have succeeded as a result of correctly communicating complex financial data, for instance.*

Reimagine old designs forever. Reinvent yourself by endlessly acquiring new skills.*

Don't be afraid to tear down an old idea and rebuild it all over again, from the ground up. Always be learning; you will rock your audience's world.* To use Bloomberg as an example again, Mike Bloomberg* went from running a global multimedia company to becoming one of the few three-term mayors of New York City, and more.*

Diversity means empowerment.*

Don't be afraid to embrace new ideas. You never know what you can create with them.

Patrick DelVecchio, Chief Imagination Officer, Snelgraphix.