Snelgraphix Goes Growth Hacking – With Correction

The Snelgraphix Designing Minds Blog: A Social Media Story

Hindenburg burning, 1937 Author Gus Pasquarella •  Wikimedia Commons

Hindenburg burning, 1937 Author Gus Pasquarella • Wikimedia Commons

Correction: The prior version of this article contained a couple of typographical errors.*

Snelgraphix Graffiti: We want your attention!

Perhaps you have seen our web address on a popular conspiracy theory website.* Or you have seen our moniker in a comment section to an article on HuffPost,*,* or Salon.* You might be familiar with the absurdly arrogant and artificial AA Morris Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast Project & Public Performance. If so, then you have been exposed to our growth hacking effort. This article is my attempt to come clean and to explain the thinking behind our marketing initiative.

Google Search Engine Optimization & Conspiracy Theory Clickbait*

Our effort relies on our belief that most people are curious about conspiracy theories.* We all know that conspiracy theories drive internet traffic.* Even Facebook moderators are not immune to this lure.* Our underlying assumption, which may be incorrect, is that this genre of content draws a general audience, which would include HR managers, journalists, and public relations professionals. We also want to penetrate search results. We want to reach the researcher demographic. The idea is that prospective clients use Google.* We want them to get familiar with our name and slogan when they do. Even if they don't click on us, they see our name. If they do image searches, they see our work. Eventually, we hope to establish an online presence that drives traffic to our website.

Human Capital & Human Resource Management**

Technology allows a small communication design studio like ours to reach a global audience.* This same technology also means that everyone can do the same thing making for a lot of marketing noise. Everyone using social media advertises themselves as brands, whether they are consciously aware of this or not. Techniques, once limited to Madison Avenue, have become widespread and very public.* Anyone with an active social media account is a content creator.

Conspiracy Theory Clickbait – Marking Virtual Walls

I had to establish a social media presence. I created countless conspiracy theory articles and various forms of social media clickbait specifically targeted at the conspiracy theory demographic. My targets included Reddit Flat Earth threads. The Earth isn’t flat and accepted experiments show it spins, but I digress.* I audited various subjects and only presented the information in a manner that would appeal to my chosen audience. I found anomalies that I exploited to drive traffic to my website, and it worked! Of course, I didn't bother to present all the information, or my audience might have noticed that there was no evidence for the various conspiracies I was promoting.*

If I had a dollar for everything I've done wrong, I wouldn’t have to promote Snelgraphix.

Of course, I have made many mistakes. One mistake was getting a Google account deleted. I lost access to a couple of other websites related to the project. These URLs look like the ramblings of a madman. What I wanted to do was to be able to convert the conspiracy theory blogs into growth hacking marketing for Snelgraphix. I was able to accomplish this with the website. I've started getting traffic to as a result.

I will publish more articles about this subject soon.

I want these articles to be short and to the point. I have a lot more to share. There's more story left to tell.

Stay tuned.

Patrick DelVecchio, Chief Imagination Officer, Snelgraphix.

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80% of us believe in things with no basis in science.*

Conspiracy theories are more popular than ever, and social media is in on it.*

We designed our marketing campaign using conspiracy theory mythology as inspiration. We thought we would try to take advantage of this unique moment in history. Social media has changed our world.* What was once a 20th-century pastime limited to that century's media has now become a constant online cottage industry.* We have a conspiracy theory loving President who can't help himself.* More people are skeptical of official narratives than ever before.* People love trying to solve mysteries. Conspiracy theorizing provides us with endless mental mazes and puzzles to solve. Many of us can't resist this lure.* And we couldn't resist using conspiracy theories to promote Snelgraphix.

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