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Can You Turn Us On?

Snelgraphix: Designing Minds

Capturing an audience's imagination is both art & science.

Snelgraphix is a communication design studio and is a partnership between the designing minds of creative directors Michelle Morris and Patrick DelVecchio. Visual communication inspires humanity to engineer achievements once considered impossible. Our instinct for invention drives the world of human ingenuity and creates global civilizations.

How do you turn us on? Flip the switch to find out.

Warning! The experience is guaranteed to captivate and exhilarate you and your audience.

Let's light this place up!

Communication design has the power to transform culture and society itself. Snelgraphix is passionate about storytelling and specializes in developing engaging productions that are designed to amplify existing communication strategies and generate positive audience participation. History teaches us that ideas correctly embodied in art really can change the world.

It all starts with you.

Whether the project is for you or your client, the process is the same. We learn as much as we can by auditing brand elements. We work with you to add innovative value to your project while respecting established design parameters. Together we will create uniquely crafted artistic solutions that advance brand goals.

Together we will make communicating complex information look easy.

We have plenty of experience managing large projects with many moving parts and understand how to produce easily understood visual designs that communicate complex ideas. Another passion we have is for research. We enjoy the challenge of learning about new subjects. We work to present this knowledge in an easily comprehended, memorable manner.

We'll energize your ideas!

Our decades of design experience are at your disposal. We work with many media formats. Whatever multimedia solution you choose, we have the capacity to handle the workload, actualizing brand vision. We can scale up staffing for any project you can imagine. We can perform as team leaders or as supportive team members.

Amplify your brand's presence.

We have produced communication design solutions for projects commissioned by, IBM, Deloitte, Heineken USA, KPMG, Fordham University, Disney/ABC Television, Bloomberg, MasterCard, BNY Mellon, AstraZeneca and many more. We can share some of this work and some of it we cannot. Please see the Designing Minds, Sizzle Reel, and Case Studies sections of the website for more.

And transform insight into action.

Organizational culture and climate shape human behavior and human identity, impacting the way we present ourselves and the way we interact with each other. We believe that this defines how we see the world. We seek to partner with other creative minds who believe as we do.

What turns us on?

Blown away clients who call us back for more. What excites your neural network?


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