Heineken USA – Event Graphics & Branding Case Study

Heineken USA: International Brands & Meetings
Beer bottle diagram. (Photoshopped) •  Wikimedia Commons

Beer bottle diagram. (Photoshopped) • Wikimedia Commons

Event & Meeting Graphics

Heineken USA is part of the Heineken brand family and is the United States’ leading importer of high-end international beers.

Researching this brand was fun! In all seriousness, the founding of the company, the history of the family and the evolution of the Heineken brand were of extreme interest to us as we are a family-run business that focuses on branding and marketing. And let's face it, it's beer!*

We created videos and 3D animations that incorporated glass textures, generated particle systems, and fluid simulations, to communicate Heineken USA's corporate culture for multiple uses including the P4B Roadshow and various national Employee and Distributor Meetings.*

Motion graphic design and editing by Snelgraphix. 3D animation created using Blender.*